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You can reach Luis through the contact tab of this website for an update of future events or to inquire about portraits.

Luis Garay book is honored

The Spanish version of his Quetzalcóatl book titled
Mito, Leyenda e Historia de Quetzalcóatl: La Misteriosa Serpiente Emplumada won two major awards in 2016. One was the award CANIEM, for editorial art. The other is the Antonio Gracia Cubas, presented by the National Institute of Anthropology and History, which also purchased copies of the book for public libraries throughout all of Mexico.

Some past appearances
and art exhibitions

  Luis is now focusing on an upcoming book preserving the oceans of Nicaragua. He also is working on commissions for portraits. Anyone interested in a portrait can reach him through the contact tab on this website.
  While he was in the United States for an exhibit of his art and books at the Santa Fe Institute of Art in May 2016, Luis made several appearances at schools and also spoke at a professional workshop for teachers in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The workshop was titled "Teaching Cultural Heritage Through Art."
From October to December 2014 Luis was a MirandaNet Fellow in the Institute of Education at the University of London, where he worked on a series of paintings from Popol Vuh for the website about the Maya, which can be seen at http://www.mexicolore.co.uk/maya/teachers/our-maya-programme
  Wrote and Illustrated the picture book Mi Delantal (My Apron) for Libros para Niños, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Books for Young People, Nicaragua.
  Instructor at the seminar “Ilustratour” in Valladolid, Spain.
  One-man show at Colegio Mexiquense for the VI International Book Fair, Mexico State, Mexico.
  Presentations to art students: “The Illustration in The Picture Book,” State of Mexico, Mexico.
  Visiting illustrator/author presentations and reading at Miami area school in Florida.
  Visiting illustrator/author presentation at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.
  Visiting illustrator/author presentations and reading at eight St. Louis area schools. St. Louis, Missouri.
  One-man gallery show at St. Louis Artist Guild in St. Louis, Missouri.
  Participated in the show “The Texto Iluminado,” featuring 33 illustrators of Iberoamerica, at several cities in Spain.
  Started a lending library project in Granada, Nicaragua.
  One of several artists featured in Under the Spell of the Moon: Art for Children from the World's Great Illustrators, a book by the International Board on Books For Young People.
  Invited to his native Nicaragua to give workshops for young artists through the foundation “Libros para Niños,” at the embassies of Denmark and Norway.
  Solo exhibition “The Popol Vuh and other Works.” Gallery of Banco Central, Managua, Nicaragua.
  Instructor “Children Readers of the New Millennium” seminar at XX International Book Fair for Children and Young Adults in Mexico City, Mexico.
  “15 Illustrators” exhibition for the opening of the Children's Own Museum in Toronto, Canada.
  One-man show, “25 Illustrations.” III International Book Fair of Central America. Granada, Nicaragua.
  Instructor at the Literature and Literacy for Children and Adolescents Conference, “Critical Encounters With Social Issues,” at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.
  Instructor for “The World of Illustration” seminar, Banco del Libro Centro Cultural Consolidado, in Caracas, Venezuela.
  Group show exhibition “175 Years of Central America Independence” at Ontario Club Consulates, Toronto, Canada.
  Canadian Children's Book Illustrators Exhibition. Guadalajara International Book Fair, Mexico.
  “Latin American Art” group show, 306 Art Gallery in Toronto, Canada.
  “Arte Visual 94” group show at Center Community Gallery, Harbourfront, Toronto.
  “Arte Visual 93” Group Show at Multicultural Centre, Victoria College, University of Toronto, Canada.
  “Latin Version,” five artists at Gallerie de L’Alliance Francaise at Toronto, Canada.
  “Arte Visual 92” at the Ryerson Institute in Toronto, Canada.
  “Arte Indigo” Group Show at York University in Toronto, Canada.
  “Paperback/Paperbound” group show at Blackwood Gallery, at the University of Toronto, Canada.
  ”Images” visual art exhibition by artists of Latin America.
Group Show at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.
  “Nicaragua to Remember” one-man show at Art Gallery Jade in San José, Costa Rica.
  “Scenes from Nicaragua” one-man show at Art Gallery in the Marriott Hotel in Panama City, Panama.

Luis Garay is now available to paint portraits on request

Luis Garay ahora está disponible
para pintar
retratos por encargo


For inquiries, please consult the artist through
his email address at

Para consultas, por favor
contactar con el artista a través de su dirección de
correo electronico en


Some portrait examples:

Algunas muestras
de retractos